•  As with most Gems, large crystals of good grade Emeralds are much more valuable and rarer than smaller ones.
  •  Origin does not matter as long as you are buying good grades, but remember, Colombian Emerald will resale for a higher premium.
  •  Cleaner Emeralds over 3ct with good color may be sold for higher than comparable size diamonds. And if you have to trade off color or clarity, choose relatively clean gems with medium color, rather than heavily included ones with perfect Green Color.
  •  While a deep green Emerald with a "sleepy" appearance maybe considered commercially good grade, it can’t in any case be considered as an investment grade. Brightness or life is an important factor in selecting an investment grade Emerald.
  •  Type of inclusions: no doubt that the type of Emerald inclusions affect its value, Emeralds with external fractures and internal excessive carbon or black spots, sleepy or translucent to opaque can not be considered investment grade, even though they are    deep green in color. 


The rare and precious gemstone Tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, deep in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. The entire area mined is only 4 sq km wide. Intense geological research has found that it is geology is totally unique, with the chances of another occurrence outside of the current production area and its immediate vicinity being less than a million to one. So not only is Tanzanite rare gemologically, its also rare geographically. Its single source and limited supply mean that tanzanite is at least one thousand times rarer than diamond

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